About Us

Our Story

We are a family-owned small business fully operated in South Australia with 26 years of history. We have been selling home appliances since 1996.

Tony and Helen Repanich established the SA Electrical & Gas Centre in 1996. Tony was a qualified fisherman back in those days, and he has a passion for tinker. Back in those days, he was already a professional in appliances repair.

At first, he only offers appliance repair services to his friends and family. Sooner, Tony realised how the prices for new appliances were way too high and was surprised how many people were struggling to get a white good. To solve this issue and support the Australian families, SA Electrical & Gas Centre was then born as a South Australian small business.

In 2014, their son, John, carried this family-owned business values and mission statement every step of the way and took over as operations manager.

To this day, we continue to return preloved appliances to their original condition whilst also providing new products at reduced prices.

“We are here to help people, we are not only selling products, we are selling our services, our peace of mind.”

John Repanich, founder of SA Electrical and Gas Centre