Delivery within 20km from Hindmarsh

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*Only available within 20km from Hindmarsh*

*For locations outside 20km from Hindmarsh, please give us a call*

Washing Machine / Top Mount or Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer / Fridge or Freezer only: $70

Side by Side Fridge Delivery: $90

Freestanding Electric Stove / Electric Cooktop delivery and standard installation: $170

Electric Elevated Stove / Electric Oven delivery and standard installation: $200

Freestanding Gas Stove / Gas Cooktop delivery and standard installation: $220

Gas Elevated Stove / Gas Oven delivery and standard installation: $235

Dishwasher delivery and standard installation: $180

*Extra Charge for staircase: $50 (this fee applies to 1 level straight staircase only. If you are unsure your staircase meets the requirement / has more than 1 level, please give us a call for enquiry)

(If you are unclear about your product type or if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call)

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If you have special requirements on delivery time, give us a call before purchase to check for available schedules.

We arrange delivery immediately once the payment hits our bank, usually within 1-3 days. Same day delivery may be available. 

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